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B.M.S Course

Shri Kothari College Of Management Studies (B.M.S) (S.N.D.T Affiliated)

A. S. Hemu Kalani Yadgar Mandal's Shri Kothari College of Management studies is committed to the Empowerment of Women through quality oriented professional education. In keeping with this single minded determination, our institution strives :-

1) To encourage women to develop their full creative potential.
2) To provide for women access to higher education through formal and non-formal streams inducing adult and continuing education.
3) To provide for women a wide range of professional and Vocational courses to meet the socio - economic demands.
4) To develop scholarship and research in emerging areas of study, particularly with focus on women's perspectives.
5) To inculcate among women positive self-concept, awareness of women's issues and right with a rational outlook forwards society.
6) To enhance purposeful education with "Human Values" and "Social Responsibility" by participating in outreach programs.
7) To achieve excellence in academic disciplines, research and extension activities through emphasis on "Quality in Every activity".
The BMS program aims to produce trained professional in Management and administrative area needed for the ongoing demand and growth within the country and abroad.
To provide career options for women in the Computer Industry.
To create an objective platform for women who would like to work independently for any modern organizations.
To Create Women Entrepreneurs.

There has been an accelerating development in the Business & Management and the number of women entering the field is growing rapidly. In order to cater to the demands of the industry as well as women aspiring to achieve quality education and qualification in Management Studies in the new millennium,

A. S. Hemu Kalani Yadgar Mandal has introduced Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S) under Kothari College of Management studies. The government has granted permission to start the Bachelor's program and the program is affiliated to S.N.D.T. Women's University. The course commencing from the academic year 2008-09.

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The Colleges in the campus are Smt. Jamnabai H. Wadhwa College of Technology, Kothari College of Management Studies, Smt. S. R. Tulsiani Career College & Hemu Kalani Junior College. We shall also have appropriate memorial of our brave revolutionary Hemu Kalani. .